The free service min.ebox has been developed to safely share sensitive information, documents and exchange electronic signatures.
Both sender and receiver are identified by BankID

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Subject: Uppförandekoden 2024.
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1. Someone has sent a link to you

There is a message in min.ebox and to read it you must login with your Swedish BankID

It also appears if your social security number will be displayed to the sender together with your name

Both sender and receiver are identified by BankID
2. You sign in

Login with BankID ensures that you know who you are communicating with

Everything is private and encrypted

Your name and social security number will not be displayed to anyone unless you choose it
3. You see your copy of the message

If signing is desired you can sign the message

You can see if multiple participants viewed and written on the same message

Signed documents with all the signatures can be downloaded by anyone who signed
4. When you are here, why not create your own message!

Upload that agreement to be signed, simply sign with BankID. Download and mail it instead of printing, scanning and other messy methods

Who is that buyer from Blocket really? Before you start sending goods and money, you can identify each other via a message on the min.ebox

Did you plan to rent a holiday home by a private individual - get it confirmed by e-signature that the person you talked to is the one claims to be

min.ebox är en tjänst som levereras av TellusTalk AB
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